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Arup has shaped many of the defining urban projects of the modern era, leading the thinking on cities.

Arup has shaped many of the defining urban projects of the modern era, leading the thinking on cities.

Strategic city advice

By 2050 the world’s urban population will exceed six billion, presenting huge developmental challenges for cities established and new. We are true partners to cities, influencing and shaping the physical, social and economic infrastructure that power city growth.

We have realised for some time that our clients don't just need great designers, planners and engineers. They need a more integrated level of understanding before they invest in a new stadium, art gallery, metro system or highway development. We provide insights formulated from over 70 years spent developing every aspect of the modern city, ensuring clients across the public and private sector make the soundest investments and achieve the highest quality results.

What makes a successful city?

Arup applies its research, technical, design and commercial expertise across eight key aspects of city development:

  • City resilience:ensuring cities thrive in the face of environmental and social shocks.

  • Climate-ready cities:turning climate change adaptation into opportunities for enhancing city life.

  • 城市生活:designing places and spaces that produce a great quality of life.

  • City growth:stimulating economic growth by investing in city infrastructure and services.

  • City regeneration:reinvigorating spaces to become places where people want to live, work and play.

  • Host cities:using major sporting and cultural events to improve city life.

  • City operations:funding, managing and delivering programmes to help cities function and grow.

  • 数字城市:improving public engagement and local governance through digital technology.

Design into action

Arup is behind some of the most important and ambitious urban design and engineering of the modern era. We work across the globe, from revitalising滨水区在多伦多to reclaiming 100 acres of land for anew park Songdo, South Korea. We’ve also developed the masterplan for a低碳区in Muscat, Oman and produced ablueprint for regeneration in Caracas.

Research and insights

Arup takes an innovative approach to every aspect of city development and improvement, from resilience to lighting and climate change to mobility. We bring together technical expertise, new funding and policy instruments, backed by research into the relevant socio-economic trends.

Read ourCities Aliveresearch to discover many of the insights our work has produced. We are committed to working with partners for positive change. Whether it’s supporting research into new production paradigms like the circular economy, improving cities’ resource efficiency, or helping cities understand their exposure to climate change, Arup is at the forefront of the latest city thinking.

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Powerful partnerships

Across the world, Arup has developed significant long-term collaborations with leading urban thinkers, advocacy groups and political leaders. We partner with the World Economic Forum andThe C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, among others. These relationships allow us to help listen, learn and shape the debate around urban development issues, and means we’re able to provide clients with the most valuable urban insights.

Moving to a greener future

Active travel presents many opportunities to help create healthy and liveable spaces for communities to live, work and play in our cities. Arup has collaborated with city authorities across the world, fromCardifftoBrisbane, to help realise the social, economic and environmental benefits that can result from the successful planning, design and implementation of walking and cycling schemes.

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This work will transform the lives of millions of city dwellers by improving transportation, sewage systems, producing resilient power networks, sustainable homes, new workplaces and inspiring cultural facilities. We view every urban project as a chance to add holistically to the quality of city life.

We respond at all scales, from individual projects to entire programmes of improvements like the London Infrastructure Plan.Talk to usabout how we can help improve your city.

Cities, more than nations, are facing unprecedented global competition for talent, resources and investment, whilst also adapting to the challenges of migration, climate change and ageing populations. Arup uses its understanding of these geopolitical challenges in its work as strategic advisors, partners and private-public sector brokers for clients facing every kind of city development challenge. ”Jerome FrostJerome FrostDirector