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Arup helps the world manage its water – from the supply of clean drinking water to understanding flood risks, from drainage to sanitation.

Arup helps the world manage its water – from the supply of clean drinking water to understanding flood risks, from drainage to sanitation.

Grwyne Fawr dam Grwyne Fawr dam

Understanding the water business

The successful design, development and maintenance of our water infrastructure requires the integration of many disciplines. Arup’s water team has wide-ranging skills spanning advisory and specialist technical services. We apply them on every kind of project, from flood risk management and water resource planning, to dam engineering, treatment works design and river engineering.

We’ve evolved our own ‘Design with water’ methodology, drawn on our experiences designing, implementing and maintaining water infrastructure around the world. ‘Design with water’ places an understanding of the local water cycle at the centre of responses to wider local issues like economic development, food and agriculture, community and energy use. By understanding and influencing the whole water cycle, Arup has developed particular expertise that enables us to assess risks and support our clients in taking a strategic approach to water usage and management.

Cloughaninchy coastal protection works Cloughaninchy coastal protection works

Responding to demand

在全世界范围内,放置在快速的城市化进程credible strain on water supplies, drainage networks and sanitation. Decision makers depend on an integrated understanding of the climate, geological, social and economic factors that affect water supply and use. Arup has worked on many water resilience projects, in China, Australia, Scotland and other locations where local water supplies are being impacted by economic development. We’ve also developed ourCity Resilience Index工具,与洛克菲勒Fo合作undation, helping city leaders to identify the water related threats and weaknesses they must address.

Prepared for the future

As our most valuable resource, the social impacts of water development decisions are of paramount importance. Arup conducts considerable research into how water can be better managed. Climate change is causing both flooding and droughts in different parts of the world, so it’s vital to be able to predict these changing dynamics. Our Future of Urban Water report is a product of our client work working with Sydney Water to forecast and plan for changing water supply and use.

Our three year research roadmap is currently focused on flooding issues, looking at the potential benefits of usinggreen infrastructureand better catchment management. For clients, our research base means we can bring confidence to their water projects, producing beneficial outcomes for local communities and businesses. Working with our partners WRc, we also encourage and foster innovation through ourVenturiplatform – helping products and services with the potential to tackle major challenges in water get to market quickly.

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Work with an international network

Arup’s water team work in 90 countries, collaborating across over 50 related technical and advisory disciplines. This is how we’re able to respond to such a wide range of water projects and programmes, fromwater treatment worksin Australia, to physical engineering of thenew intake tunnel under Lake Meadin Colorado. We use consultancy, engineering, and research to bring the most insightful approaches to water projects wherever they are in the world.