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As the physical and digital worlds converge, there are powerful new ways to manage, operate and optimise your buildings and assets across their entire lifespan. Arup is helping clients to bring transformative asset analytics and intelligence into their operations.

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Sankar S. Villupuram

East Asia Digital Service Leader

As the physical and digital worlds converge, there are powerful new ways to manage, operate and optimise your buildings and assets across their entire lifespan. Arup is helping clients to bring transformative asset analytics and intelligence into their operations.

In every industry, getting the best value out of existing assets is a critical goal. Whether you’re operating energy infrastructure, transport systems or buildings portfolios, ensuring high performance, optimal maintenance and the longest possible asset life are always key priorities.

Whatever the project, our digital asset management approach is to find ways to connect data sources, enable analysis and detect patterns – to keep our clients ahead of events. We also work with clients to develop数字双胞胎s这为他们的资产绩效提供了更大程度的洞察力。

High performance assets

So much can now be learned about an asset’s performance, enabling predictions about lifespan, maintenance needs and improvements to operation. Connectivity opportunities such as those offered by the Internet of Things and the arrival of 5G mean it is now possible to extract information direct from even the most complex asset. In combination with the power of cloud based computing, analytics and BI platforms, it is possible produce a new level of control and peace-of-mind.

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Virtual inspection

In some industries, asset inspection is made challenging by the location, the need to work at heights or depths increases personal health and safety risks, as well as costs. We have pioneered the use of remote digital technologies to speed up the inspection process and reduce the need for onsite inspections. Our drone-based façade inspection system maps a building’s exterior and helps clients to plan repairs and maintenance in the most challenging locations. This approach reduces time spent on manual inspections by 70%, as well as significantly reducing risks.


We help clients to unify and translate raw data into valuable business intelligence, which in turn, helps you extract increased value from your asset.

GLA Infrastructure Mapping Application

GLA Infrastructure Mapping Application

Many cities struggle with the coordination of infrastructure maintenance works. We worked with London’s Greater London Authority (GLA) to further develop their Infrastructure Mapping Application, a realtime dashboard that enables optimal planning of works, lowering the impacts on residents and businesses, and revealing new opportunities for supplier collaboration.

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European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS)

European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS)

The European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS), an initiative that turns each train into a separate communications hub that connects directly to the central system. Better information means trains will go faster more often, and do not need to be spaced out so much - offering operators the chance to run more services, more safely.

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The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate

By gathering detailed data on heating and ventilation usage, we have helped The Crown Estate identify energy and financial savings. This information is constantly analysed using software that we’ve developed for this purpose, to show areas where internal environmental conditions are falling below expected levels.

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Intelligence on vital assets: offshore wind

Patterns within performance data gained by sensors can provide valuable insights into infrastructure. We have developed a tool that uses accelerometers to assess the strength and longevity ofoffshore wind farms. The system uses our 'virtual sensor' monitoring technique and machine learning algorithms to assess the future lifespan of wind farms, increasing productivity, saving millions in unnecessary pre-emptive replacement, and extending life for over 10 years. The platform’s intelligence is valuable to the windfarm as a whole and offers lessons for future design.

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Optimising asset portfolios

Our Arup Neuron intelligent building platform offers portfolio-wide management and control of assets’ performance, helping clients to optimise costs and predict maintenance requirements across complex estates. As a form of数字双胞胎, Neuron brings machine learning and artificial intelligence to the operation of everything from chillers and HVAC, lifts and lighting, and provides evolving insights into users’ health and wellbeing and other preferences.

Neuron energy consumption Neuron energy consumption
Neuron provides situational awareness in real-time, helping prevent excessive energy consumption and reducing operational inefficiency

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Modelling, simulating and testing


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Modelling risks to our railways

在一个开创性的研究和开发专业ject for the UK’s Network Rail, we have created a system to better predict weather threats to its services. Using our geotechnical and data analytics expertise, we created a digital model that analysed seven years of UK rainfall data and correlated this information against previous earthwork failures. The tool predicts which areas of track face risks given current weather conditions, based on a highly detailed understanding of regional variations across the whole country.

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数字的twin – intelligent asset management

数字在鲍威双胞胎统一组织的数据rful ways, to produce a virtual representation of a real-world asset – a bridge, a rail network, even an entire city. They create a virtuous circle between physical assets and virtual model, with insights driving improvements in the asset’s performance. We are developing digital twins for businesses in many sectors, bringing new insights to every element of a business, building or asset’s performance.

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Standardise worldwide production of your facilities

We have developed a digital process that streamlines the design and production of the facilities and assets that big businesses now depend on. We can bring a new level of uniformity to your portfolio of data centres, fulfilment centres, storage facilities and warehousing.

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