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Bridge engineering

Whether to span nations, make a statement or improve everyday links, Arup designs better bridges.

Whether to span nations, make a statement or improve everyday links, Arup designs better bridges.

Arup works in active partnership with clients to understand their needs and aspirations, so that our solutions make their bridge programmes possible - big and small. We then bring together leading global experts across disciplines to create teams that can deliver world-class bridge engineering anywhere.

Collaborating to develop connections

Long-span bridges open regions to opportunity and link communities. Arup collaborates with architects, developers and the public sector to shape ambitious, pragmatic and enduring bridges that transform the way people live and work.

我们已经意识到世界上许多重要的桥梁。在1970年代,我们跨越了贝努埃河,重新连接了尼日利亚东北地区,每年洪水切断。从那以后,Øresund Link, which joins Sweden and Denmark, was completed ahead of schedule and on budget. Hong Kong’sStonecutter Bridge,世界上第二次最长的缆车跨度旨在在建筑和运营过程中承受台风。

Major bridges today are increasingly sophisticated. We draw on Arup’s deep expertise in fundamentals such aswind engineeringseismic designas well as安全,lighting,智能运输和more.

在设计,开发和项目管理的合资企业中Queensferry Crossing, Scotland’s largest infrastructure project in a generation, our integrated bridge team incorporates diverse skills including project finance, procurement, environmental,marine,geotechnics,landscaping,electrical, 和mechanicaldisciplines.

Realising landmark bridge designs

Arup brings aesthetic integrity and technical virtuosity in bridge design within reach for our clients.

We often realise cutting-edge design for footbridges, such as Singapore’s much-awardedHelix Bridge。它模拟了DNA的双螺旋结构,并通过使用使用的原始结构溶液模仿Arup的3D软件。在这个虚拟环境中,我们开发了一种设计,既可以通过有效利用钢,又实现了令人惊叹的效果和令人惊讶的强度。


阿鲁普(Arup)推进桥梁工程的动力也塑造了我们的桥梁解决方案高速公路。例如,我们的八小时的桥梁倡议avoids the major disruption wrought by standard construction. We set a benchmark in concrete design with our Medway Viaduct forHigh Speed 1, which achieves a delicate profile in harmony with its surroundings despite being one of the longest concrete bridges built for the demands of high-speed rail.

Our expertise also helps clients get the most from existing bridges. We manage inspection and testing regimes for bridges from New York, USA, to Queensland, Australia. In the Netherlands, we arerefurbishing eight critical long-span bridgesto extend their useful life by 30 years.