ARUP循环经济专家参加虚拟废物Build 2021会议

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6 July 2021

Arup continues to support the transition towards acircular和再生建设的环境,来自整个公司的五位专家参与WasteBuild 2021conference.

The WasteBuild conference brings together leading architects, engineers, designers and developers that work together to create innovative circular solutions for the built environment. Focused on delivering a low-carbon recovery, this year’s event will highlight the importance of circularity as a catalyst for global recovery in a post-pandemic world.

People's Pavilion People's Pavilion
Arup继续支持向循环和再生建设环境过渡,其中五名专家来自整个公司参与废物Build 2021会议。

Material transition is key to meet climate neutral and circular goals by 2030. ”Edwin ThieEdwin ThieSenior Bridge Engineer

A range of Arup circular economy experts will share their thinking to help the built environment transition towards circular design solutions. Bridge EngineerEdwin Thie, based in Amsterdam, will make the case for the use of mass timber as a clean alternative for short span highway bridges, using a recentfeasibility study举个例子。

米兰高级项目经理Özlem Ayalp将探索内部架构如何拥有圆形,设计适应性,灵活且易于拆卸和重建的零售空间。

As part of a panel discussion, Structural EngineerGrace di Benedettowill examine what a reuse economy could look like for the construction industry, while Senior EngineersEmily WalportRichard Boyd从我们的伦敦办事处将讨论他们在与房地产公司合作研究项目的工作Grosvenorto increase material re-use, reduce embodied carbon and shift the UK built environment towards circular economy solutions.

Finally, Richard Boyd will be joined by Carmen Valache of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Julia Vol from Rockwool and Delphine Gautier Webb from COS, in a breakfast session which unpacks the value of partnerships, how to forge a successful circular partnership and what is needed to work towards shared circular goals.

Arup’s commitment to the circular economy was formalised in 2016, when we became knowledge partners of theEllen MacArthur Foundation,促进对其tion of circular economy principles.

Some of our recent reports on circularity include our thinking on how tounlock value in the property market, supportingcontractors to include circular approaches in infrastructure work以及策略unlock opportunities for all players across the value chain.

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